%100 Design, %100 Turkishceramics


The UK’s largest design trade event %100 Design ended. The event continued between the 18-21 September. turkishceramics was the lead sponsor of the International Pavilion at this year’s event. We collaborated with London-based architect Ferhan Azman to design a ceramic installation for the %100 Design. She created a dramatic ceramic installation which provided a bar, hospitality space and VIP area. She described her creation with these words; “Ceramic manufacturers in Turkey are producing tiles and sanitary ware of great variety and technical sophistication. In our design for the International Pavilion at 100% Design this year, we have chosen some intriguing products which we’re using in dramatic and unexpected ways.”

In Turkey, ceramic production has a long history and this tradition has started with the first ceramics being created in Anatolia over 8000 years ago. As turkishceramics, our purpose from the beginning is to raise awareness of the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles. We are so proud to continue this tradition of innovation and show this all over the world. In %100 Design, we represented over 30 manufacturers and exporters and showed the quality of Turkish ceramic tiles.