Frankfurt’s ISH is the world's leading trade fair for bathroom space design and construction held in every two years. ISH ranks among the world’s 10 largest fairs and is acknowledged to be the international meeting point for more than 2400 exhibitors to display their newest products and most innovative designs and professionals who want to keep abreast of new trends and innovations insanitation, heating and air-conditioning.

ISH, having made its debut over 50 years ago, is a success story for more than 5 decades standing for growth, continuity and a successful concept. This year, ISH was shaped around the motto “Comfort   meets Technology”. Exhibitors showcased their products and services focusing on innovative technologies that ensure individual convenience of use.

Reaffirming the central role of the fair in sanitaryware and other bathroom products, Turkish Ceramics companies have exhibited their latest products and designs at ISH since the early 1980’s. This year was no exception. For the Turkish Ceramics companies, ISH 2015 was a celebration of design, inspiration and technology with a nod to Turkish traditional bathroom culture. As well as the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group Stand at Hall 3 E69, member companies like Ece Seramik, VitrA, GüralVit, İdevit, Kale, Sanovit, Seramiksan and Serel had separate stands to welcome prospects as well as their current customers.  













What could one find at ISH 2015, when it comes to “water”? Here are top themes from the last week’s “talk of the bathroom world”:

Modern and future oriented bathrooms for all ages 

People live longer thanks to lifestyle, hygiene and a progressive healthcare system. This, of course shifted priorities in bathroom preferences. Now, it is important that people of all ages, young and old, use the bathroom conveniently. Numerous exhibitors, as well as Turkish sanitaryware and ceramics companies, showed their solutions and concepts for a barrier free bathroom, highlighting ‘functionality and comfort’ in addition to the design, For example:  walk in bathrooms, non-slip shower area, sufficient room for movement, height-adjustable washbasin or shower-toilet with dryer.

Innovative technology to support hygiene requirements

There are potential sources of danger for the water resource, like legionella or pseudomonas.  So when planning, building and operating a system, it is not only design and convenience that have to be taken into account but also aspects of hygiene. Companies presented numerous innovative solutions which took into account essential prerequisites in this area, like the use of the right materials and components, the optimal design for the water heater, maintenance of the right temperature in the system, and hydraulic balancing of the circulation system. 

Latest trends like 'Master Bathroom' or 'Parents' Spa' 

The latest trend is to give the feeling of being "home at last". So people prefer to create a sanctuary for themselves instead of showing off for the guests.  Luxury bathrooms like a free-standing, egg-shaped bathtub alongside a washstand the size of a kitchenette and a XXL shower, all on an area equivalent to a decent-sized apartment are highly preferred. Or private bathrooms with a minimalistic design that open onto the garden, featuring natural stone and dark wood are popular. A ‘Parent’s spa ’is also trendy with a steam shower and pebble tiles. One could see numerous examples at ISH. 

Efficient use of water as a resource

Many firms focused on sustainable sanitary technologies, promoting a sensible use of water as well as helping to save energy.


If you missed this year’s ISH, get ready to see the unique range of products and services for yourself at the next ISH in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 18 March 2017!