Our Quality Policy

Our goal is to be leader in competition in our production field and make production for global market. To relise this company management will provide the source and support required. Our organization made its fundametal policy with its Occupational Health and Safety policy and aware of respect to environment working principles, improve simultaniously the effectiveness of system, customer satisfaction, make to understand surveying system at all phases.

Our Environment Policy

* Using energy and natural resources efficiently
* Prevent pollution at source
* ─░mproving environmental awareness of employees

Accomplishing our activities accordence and become a model company sensitive to environment in ceramic industry.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Seramik Toprak Insutry Co. our aim is to maitain a healthy and safe workplace in responce to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

* Making healt and safety risk analysis and improvements that may occur at workplace 
* Making educational activities to build up and improve occupational accident and no occupational desiase aim.

Accoplishing our activities accordence and become a model company for occupational health and safety in ceramic industry.


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