Being a prominent leader of the world’s ceramic market, Bien exports its products to five continents and 55 countries, particularly to USA, Canada, Spain, Israel, and Greece. Continuing all its manufacturing according to TS EN 14411 standard, Bien is a company with world class manufacturing processes.

Following the latest technology and integrating these techniques to its manufacturing power, Bien is the first manufacturer of wall tiles produced with digital technology.  

Starting a big ceramic health tools (SSG) investment in 2011, Bien adds vitrified products to its tile ceramic production with new investments and manufactures an average of 25 millions square meters of floor tiles, wall tiles, porcelain tiles, technical porcelain in its factory located at Bilecik and Bozüyük. 

Bien and Environment

Bien accomplishes its responsibility against nature with its environment friendly approach across its manufacturing processes. Stressing the important issue that require attention for all our lives, Bien continues to all its business operations with this consciousness.

Continuing its investments on recycling and as well as energy and water savings , Bien recycles almost 100% of the waste water in its factories located at Bilecik and Bozöyük in line with its investments made for the environment.   

Bien and Water

Acting with the consciousness that every drop of water must be preserved, Bien produces closets that consumes minimum 2.5 and maximum 4 liters of water with full functionality and provides 38 tons of water savings in a family of 4 compared to the closets with 6 liter of water capacity. 

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