The process beginning in a small workshop in 1960’s as Çanakçılar Corporate Group with production of mosaic toilet bowls, in 1970’s, was maintained with production and marketing of polyester coated ceramic-like toilet bowls. Through the factory production process started in early 1980’s, we came until today increasing production of vitrified ceramic medical equipment every passing year. Creavit exporting its 40% of high quality and outstanding products of the products it produce in Gökçebey being a small district with a population of 8000 people to world markets, it is among the leaders of its sector as to the country’s scales. 

Domestic sales and marketing activities of the brand is managed through regional representatives in Trabzon and Diyarbakır; as well as regional directorates having showrooms in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Samsun, Antalya and Zonguldak, 7 region in total. When we take into consideration the sectoral production capacities, “Gökçebey Vitrified Production Plants” established in an indoor area of 60.000m2 located in an open area of 140.000m2 is among one of the biggest three plants established in a single center

Success story of the brand lasting for long years gathers speed through commencing to factory production in 1981. Çanakcılar Corporate Group also including Creavit expanding to foreign countries with its products, consists of Doxa and Armica offering services under its roof. Second generation “Çaydeğirmeni Production Plants" established in 2006 in an indoor area of 36.000m2 located in an open area of 80.000m2; having production plants of  bathroom furniture, office furniture, bathtub, lavatory and kitchen faucets, built-in reservoir and toilet cover; meet all production of  Creavit branded bathroom furniture, built-in reservoir and toilet covers and Doxa branded office furnitures and Armica branded faucets.

In order to develop and expand each of the brands, employers and their representatives making their investments innovation oriented, ground on the use of high technology production systems to be source of this reason. All these products produced under the business concept based on human and nature; are released to the market following the tests in which advanced product standards of many countries  with respect to reliability, functionality and outstanding performance are checked out and applied.

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