QUA Granite was established in less than 10 years ago, in 2015, starting production in 2016 in Aydin Soke in western Turkey. With its 11m sqm installed capacity, it is currently the largest Turkish technical granite manufacturer with 29 distribution points nationally. QUA generates more than half of its revenues from international sales, exporting to more than 60+ countries globally. Located near its main raw material quarries and connected with railway to Izmir sea port and airport, the company employs 550 people. While the company itself may be young, its market know-how rests on Bien Seramik, a ceramic tile manufacturer established by QUA-founder Ali Ercan’s family in 2007. Having grown rapidly in both domestic and export markets, QUA went public in early April 2021 mainly to fund new capacity investments.

   Utilising an advanced and highly efficient manufacturing process, QUA produces high quality technical granite which is used in building tiling, including facades. As part of the production process, the company mainly brings together domestically available clay and feldspar to form various designs, presses them into desired size and shape, and bakes to produce high specification tiling. Focusing only in technical granite production, QUA prides itself in it efficiency and scale which helps it to achieve low unit costs despite producing a high quality and value-added product.

Telephone : +90 850 888 07 08                

Mail          : info@qua.com.tr

Web Site  www.qua.com.tr