We started with brand SANOVIT to produce ceramic washbasin and operate on Eskisehir Organized Industry Area on 36.000 m² includes 12.250 m² indoor area since 2005.

Sanovit is the first and unique firm which produces ceramic washbasin compatible with bathroom furniture. Our expert firm had achieved to be brand which is followed by any other firms in short term. It had been proofed itself to the sector by progressive vision, product variety and capacity and gives acceleration to the market. 

Sanovit keeps design and functionality in the forefront and does not compromise on quality and service in the outturn so it retains the sector leadership. 

We have a goal to increase our outturn capacity to 600,000 pieces with in 2014. 

Furthermore, we are aiming to increase the level of quality and design also we are going to update our equipment tothe last technology. 

Success is a matter of experience, is to be open to innovations. Good aims requires percept of technology and modernity. Not just progression, we are planing to leave a streak in our path. 

It is pleasure to serve for your demands of vitrified.

Adress      :Organize Sanayi Bölgesi         
20. Cadde No:28
Eski┼čehir/ TURKEY

Telephone :+90 222 236 19 00 (pbx)

Fax             :+90 222 236 19 07-08

Mail            :info@sanovit.com.tr

Web Site   :http://www.sanovit.com.tr