SeraPool, being one of the names that comes to mind when pools and pool materials are mentioned in our country, is the symbolic name of quality, hygiene and safe pool pleasure in our time…  SeraPool, always pursuing the best, the most hygienic and the most reliable in pool materials field which concerns human health directly, has achieved a novelty by bringing in the world’s most healthy product, porcelain, into pools.  

The quality policy of SeraPool, that constantly adds new inventions to its product range in pool coating materials, is defined with its sensitiveness in research and development, technical assistance and customer satisfaciton fields. SeraPool, always advancing with studies that surpassing even itself, has proven its success in worldwide scale. Making export to 60 countries in 7 continents, being one of the pride source brands of our country, has made a name as a world brand in all international fairs.  25x50cm. self inclined and with profile handle that states a first around the world, original ideas and designs presented whether in dimension or in texture basis for the production of other handles, has furthermore fortified SeraPool’s position on top. As well as handles in SeraPool’s product range, there also antislip materials in various dimensions and patterns, porcelain based 2.5x2.5-2.5x5-5x5-5x10 cm dimension mosaics with lots of colour alternatives for in-pool coating, porcelain glazed tiles in 12x24.5 cm dimensions, ABS gratings and channels.

Any type of material for details that a designer might need in application, exists in SeraPool’s product range. SeraPool, one of the rarest companies that can make a production in a wide range of varieties with the dimensions from 2.5x2.5 cm to 25x50 cm in its own production facilities, continues to improve itself by observing probable needs, watching sectoral developments around the world and keeping track of customer demands.

Today coming to a meaningful and proud point in the efforts shown for years for achieving perfection, SeraPool continues production and sales with the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate it gained. But however does not slow down in this run…

New leaps, new evolutions await Serapool in presenting the better, the more beautiful to the pool users!  Pools that add colour to the lives of people for leisure, health and sports. The desire of meeting water in human nature…  Aesthetics, function and hygiene are indispensable properties for pools. SeraPool is a worldwide brand that keeps in front human ergonomy and hygiene with production of in-pool coating, border, weir and surrounding coating materials.  SeraPool products are 100% porcelain based. The attractiveness, quality, healthiness and environmentalism of SeraPool products come from their natural structure. Used for ten thousands of years, as old as human history, but durable enough to last from the past until today. SeraPool brand, the sector pioneer with its long years of experience in porcelain processing, its innovativeness in R&D studies, its success in product development and its ability in formation of firsts around the World. 

“Perfection is hidden in delicate details.” The form of understanding that gives way to SeraPool`s studies. 

SeraPool, with its wide range of products, presents the perfect to architects, engineers and all users in pool sector.

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