High-quality Turkish Ceramics Spanning a Wide Range Captivate the Audience at Ambiente


At the Ambiente Fair held in Frankfurt between 25-30 January; While we proudly display Turkish ceramics and porcelains that highlight our superior quality and design power, and our wide product range created with advanced and customized solutions, our distinguished member companies specialized in their fields also took part in the fair with their stands.

A special installation displaying the elegance and aesthetics of Turkish porcelain and ceramic products was exhibited at our stand and was received with interest and appreciation by the visitors.

In addition to our advertising activities carried out within the scope of the fair, comprehensive advertising campaigns specifically for ceramic tableware and kitchenware were carried out on our social media accounts during the fair, and the target audience was successfully reached, contributing to our brand awareness.

On the third day of the fair, a networking cocktail was held with the participation of Frankfurt Consul General Erdem Tunçer and Commercial Attaché Yusuf Yerkel, which attracted great attention, participants experienced the perfect harmony of ceramic and porcelain products with the exquisite flavors of Turkish cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chef Ali Güngörmüş.

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/icerik/8d90917d-f99e-4372-94a3-67411a47b465advanced görsel.JPG

/icerik/b97aeb63-9d09-455c-b443-959e6da3f276başkonsolos konuşma.JPG


/icerik/1757d76b-97d9-4465-8411-505cae8faab0erdem bey konuşurken.JPG

/icerik/147a138a-89a8-44df-bf0a-33d6fc69fd0aerdem bey stand.JPG

/icerik/0bfade7d-c045-45ea-b21d-36a0746711a8etkinlik şef konuşurken.JPG


/icerik/ac29aa4d-181a-4455-9430-062ecbdf35f4glass stand enst 2.JPG



/icerik/0878ab01-0402-451e-983f-8f67723e3936şef tek.JPG

/icerik/23a87940-2101-4038-9ba9-a15ad54057b1şef ve ekip otururken.JPG

/icerik/be78331a-71b3-4424-9a04-577a420faa59tüm stand 4.JPG