Sinan: The First Starchitect Exhibion Opened in London


Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group, which is completing the second year of its London Project under Turquality project, continues to carry out important activities and sponsorships targeting British architects, assuming the role of a cultural ambassador as well.



Within this series of activities, the book titled Sinan: The First Starchitect has been published by bringing together the leading architects and architectural firms of England in cooperation with The Architect’s Journal, the leading architectural magazine of England. Being the result of one-year study, the book contains articles of the British architects who have visited Mimar Sinan’s works in İstanbul and Edirne, and the new projects they have conducted by drawing inspiration from these works, as well as a biography of Sinan the Architect.


Sinan: The First Starchitect exhibition which will be on view for four weeks opened on 18 May 2016 at the Building Centre in London. Inspired by the contents of the book, the exhibition aims to make a contribution towards recognition of the Architect to the Sultans and of the importance of his works in and beyond England as well. The Chairman Bahadır KAYAN gave an opening speech at the exhibition attended by R&D 2nd Section Manager Sevgin UTLULIĞ and R&D 2nd Section Assistant Specialist Ozan KÖKKAYA.



                                               Sinan: The First Starchitect exhibition can be visited until 10th June.